Cristal Privé

Different than others

  • Today Monday 16 September there are 7 ladies present on the day and / or on the evening that you want to spoil. NEW LADY REBEKA ANISSA

Welcome to Cristal Privé

Welcome to the Cristal Privé website. According to customers, the most beautiful Private House in Rotterdam.
We are located in Rotterdam South near the Maas tunnel intersection Pleinweg and Wolphaertsbocht.

You will receive a warm welcome from one of our friendly hostesses in our attractively decorated reception area.
The ladies are discreetly introduced to you if you wish and you do not have an appointment.

After this you can tell the hostess with which lady you want to withdraw.
While enjoying a drink from the house and with your favorite lady, you will then visit one of our stylishly furnished rooms.

All rooms are equipped with a 2 person Jacuzzi plus shower and air conditioning.

Discreet debit cards are of course possible with us, whereby your privacy is guaranteed here too.

HAPPY HOUR every day
from 18:00 to 20:00 1 hour only € 100.
(max 1 hour per customer per day,) when booking the appointment price of 120, - euro

Do you not feel like waiting or do you prefer a room, call for an appointment, for an hour you do not pay 130 euros but 120 euros (first hour only)
As fakers regularly call, we will request your telephone number once when booking. We will call you back within 1 minute to record your appointment afterwards.

Unfortunately, no girl of the day is available today.
Present today
Tomorrow present

Present today

new - 
(26 years old)
Romanian lady speaking English and German
(22 years old)
Hungarian lady, speak English
new - 
(22 years old)
Dutch lady, Dutch and English speaking
(28 years old)
Dominican lady speaking Spanish
(23 years old)
Romanian lady speaking English and German
(29 years old)
Spanish lady Dutch, English and Spanish speaking
(22 years old)
Dutch lady
(26 years old)
Romanian lady, speaking English

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